About 30 Factories Not Authorised To Make Retreaded Tyres

There are about 90 tyre retreading factories in the country, but up to a third of them do not have Sirim certification, said the Tyre Retreading Manufacturers Association of Malaysia.

Its president Chin Hong Meng said the association has about 55 member factories which have Sirim certification.

"The ones which are not authorised number about 30. They should not have their tyres on the road," he said Wednesday when commenting on raids on two factories suspected to be making retreaded tyres with unauthorised Sirim stickers

Chin said that retreaded tyres are as good as original ones if the production complies with the Sirim Malaysian (MS224-2005) standard.

He said authorised retreaded tyres are not the main factor behind fatal accidents on the road.

"Road accidents caused by tyres, either retreaded or original, are slightly lower than 3% of the total," he said.

He said even new original tyres can have the tendency to fail if a particular vehicle exceeds its load capacity or the tyres are not properly maintained.

Chin also said that it is advisable for original tyres that have been worn out to be retreaded instead of discarding them as this could cause an environmental problem.

"But before retreading a tyre, we make sure that it is still safe to be used. The retreaders will do a thorough inspection before the retreading process," said Chin.

Earlier, the authorities raided two factories - in Bukit Beruntung, Selangor, and Senawang, Negri Sembilan - that were suspected of producing retreaded tyres with unauthorised Sirim stickers.

A total of 480 retreaded commercial tyres worth RM247,500 were seized together with 1,374 Sirim MS224-2005 stickers.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said many fatal accidents on the road are due to retreaded tyres that do not follow standards.