Why Retread?

An Excellent Value; Retreaded tyres are great value for money. 

Retreaded tyres can and do perform as well as tyres that have never been retreaded and they do it at a substantial savings over the high cost of new tyres. Fleet owners, construction companies, transporters and private vehicle owners all purchase retreaded tyres for one reason - to save money. 

It should be remembered that every major truck tyre manufacturer, with no exceptions, manufactures its tyres for multiple lives, meaning they are designed to be retreaded. So when an owner operator or a fleet manager doesn't retread his tyres, he is simply throwing money away. 

The useful casing life is maintained and managed closely by the tyre owners as tyres are the number one maintenance cost of operating commercial vehicles and on road down time is very expensive. 

A retreaded tyre cost less to produce than a new tyre and sells for less - usually between 40 to 60 percent of the comparable new tyre price. Retreading is an effective way to lower tyre cost.