The Truth about Retreads Revealed

In February, Alwyn Lau of the Malay Mail wrote an article, titled: “Malaysia’s ignored hazard: Trucks with bad tyres”. Michael Hutt, Group Marketing Manager, Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group responds to Mr Lau's wrong and misleading statements. 

The Truth about Retreads 

An excerpt from the article is as follows: 

Malaysia has very stringent guidelines on the material used in and the actual production of retread tyres. Tyre liners have to conform to regulations set out by the Department of Standards Malaysia, (Standards Malaysia), specifically, MS 224:2005, as certified by SIRIM QAS International, which is part of The International Certification Network, which gives these products access to 37 national markets by meeting these standards. 

This means the materials are safe, regulated and of high enough standard for international export. Unlike ISO standards, every product must meet high criteria to meet MS224. The retread production process conforms to ISO 9001:2015, a process created for ‘quality management systems’ in the provision of retreading tyres. This is a very detailed process and is adhered to globally to produce top quality retreads.

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