Are Retreads Safe?

Yes, they are! More than 100,000 aircraft retreads are used annually with an average of 270 takeoffs and landing per tread life. Airlines average six retreads per tyre, with some tyres being retreaded as many as 12 times.

Professional retreaders adhere to stringent industries proven and approved practices at every step of retreading process with sophisticated machinery. Since November 2007 it has been a legal requirement in Malaysia, for retreads to be manufactured according to MS224 (Retreaded pneumatic rubber tyres for passenger cars and commercial vehicles), which stipulates that retreaded tyres are tested to the same load and speed criteria as new tyres.

The introduction of the regulations as a mandatory requirement has made a considerable contribution towards ensuring and proving that the quality, integrity and performance of retreaded tyres are, at the very least, on a par with that of new tyres.